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The Black Hearts Ball 5th ANNUAL fashion show was nothing more but amazing! Presented by TIM+THOM in partnership with Aria Minneapolis; the show brought a different taste of art, fashion, and designs to the runway of Minnesota Fashion week 2018. The show took place on Friday, April 27th at Aria Minneapolis. Attendees were encouraged to dress in their preferred Black or White attire embracing the theme of the ball, which was a brilliant idea by the production team. Apart from the classic dress code, the event also graced attendees with a remarkable representation of culture and diversity. Which we all can agree is much needed in fashion. The opening introduced guests to the "CAPSULE" segment which showcased designs from SINEAD ODESSA, KONNIE JAI, VENESSA SADE, LUCIE BIROS, LUCIE JANE, ANYSE MELLOTT, GABRIELLE ROSAS MEDEL  and VICTOR FARMAH. The collections in this segment were just remarkable and unique. The craftsmanship and artistry in each designer's pieces were bold and rich in personality. Each piece has there personal touch to them that connects with the model, designer, and the audiences. After a short break for attendees to mingle and a classic heartfelt performance by Minnesota Opera, the night transition to the "FEATURED DESIGNERS" segment.


Models walk the runway wearing designs from designer's BRIS CARBAJAL, COBILEE WEST, RAMMY MOHAMMED, TIM/THOM NAVARRO AND SAMANTHA R. CROSSLAND. This segment was without a doubt our favorite! We were gasping for air before it was even over. The designs were amazing. It pushes creative limits to a whole new level of awesomeness and put a new meaning to style, beauty, and prestige of local artistry; not a guest who didn't relish 

the experience of the rich, bold and vibrant colors and lavish designs brought to life as each designer grace the runway. Truly a night of fashion, art, design, and diversity. Moreover, it was astonishing to see the different shades of models featured in the show, definitely one of the best fashion show we have seen this year from Minnesota Fashion Week 2018.

Let's talk about our favorite designers!

Let's talk about our favorite designers!


Designer Rammy collection definitely wowed the audiences at The Black Hearts Ball Fashion Show. Her combination of vibrant colors and river blue follow by silk fabric, and gold embellishment was astonishing. Her collection was one of many memorable designs of the night and our overall favorite. This lady light up the runway with beautiful use of colors, sophistication, and tradition. The all red flowery pant and top followed by the pink head rapped, and earpiece jewelry was just unbelievable jaw-dropping. The dazzling all blue silk looking dress mixed with the bronze metallic flower belt and blue head tie was another spectacular piece. Her masterpiece and our overall favorite look was the silk-cream dress cover in those beautiful gold flowery embellishment. The model looks like an Egyptian godless walking down the runway. If you were looking for color, silk, sophisticated and tradition, Rammy was without a doubt your choice. Her design adds a new meaning to high fashion mixed with culture.


Bris Carbajal remarkable collection was one of our favorite design of the night and most Black Hearts Ball attendees will probably say the same. I mean this lady literally sparkled Black Hearts Ball runway with her super high fashion design just an incredible work of art and craftsmanship. The colored range was well put together which give each piece their own unique style and personality. The white cream-like jumpsuit look with green patching line across and wide open neck was our favorite piece. Her collection was stunning, wearable and beautifully defined.


Designer Victor Farmah collection was out of this world amazing! His Black Hearts Ball looks were just gorgeous. He comes third on our list of favorite designers and collections. His use of bright colorful fabrics such as yellow, red and orange was dramatic and eye-catching. The bright orange jumpsuit combined with rust-orange colored fabric attachment follow by the big orange dangling earpieces was remarkable. The fact that Farmah picks a darker skin model to wear the piece said a lot about his understanding of colors and balance as well as an artist. His pieces were a stunning design to watch down the runway. Beautiful classic colorful Victor Farmah.


Fourth on our favorite list is designer's, Tim&Thom Navarro. Their collection was another breathtaking design to walk Black Hearts Ball runway and surely impressed many lookers at the show. Their design brought simplicity to the word sexy but also classy at the same time. There use of black and white as the dominant color for their design was exquisite. It creates an impressive sense of balance and unification but also set the mood for a classic, and sophisticated. Each piece was amazingly crafted; establishing there own identity. If you were looking for sexy with class, nobody really does it well than Tim&Thom Navarro. 


Designer Anyse Mellott’s collection was very nice to look at. The design installed a spring vibe and featured lots of bright colors. Her pieces were well-tailored and featured a hint of flower-print, which was beautiful. The way each color fade from light to bright follow the free flow of the fabric was captivating and graceful to watch. 


Samantha Rei collection was one of our personal favorite design. Her design was a perfect symbol of vintage styling with a bit of sex appeal. Watching each piece come down the runway was like a time machine effect, taking you back to the classical era of Renaissance period.  If you were watching closely, you definitely feel a great sense of royalty, class, and wealth with a bit of sexy in miss Rei collection. The colorful flowery-like-jacket with gold detail and a rose-print was our favorite!


Designer Lucie Jane Black Hearts Ball collection was very different than your everyday men's wear. Her collection had a relax and carefree vibe which makes her work to stand out, definitely something to see on the runway.  







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