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Artist: Kyliss
"AUTODIDACT" Featured French artist Kyliss graced us with her amazing realistic drawings
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featured French artist Kyliss grace us with her amazing drawing. Kyliss is a 22-year-old self-taught French artist. At age 17, Kyliss discovered drawing and find real passion and dedication in perfecting her craft and skill. Still attracted to art, especially drawing, she chose to study jewelry making during her four years in art school.


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Instagram: @kyliss_art


Transformation-Willie Panton
Surrealist painter/photographer:Through distortion or reconfiguring the human body, [His work explores questions about the mechanics of the body. Willie work also explores what our technological society feels like to the sentient body. His work depicts the figure intersected by lines, circles, geometric diagrams, architectural plan, and gears. The images imply that we share a relationship with technology and that we are machines of a sort.
"Movement:Figuration and abstraction Movement is essential in my artwork from the figures’ energy to the use of vigorous brush strokes. I use repeated and overlapping images as well as brush-making techniques to represent a movement. Most of my artwork focuses on the human figure. Abstraction
and realism fused together to express the feeling of the freedom that I find in the creative process.
Artist Marlissa Karpeh
" The Struggle" Liberian American- Abstract Expressionist-Malissa Karpeh; Liberian-American Abstract Expressionist painter uses her struggle and passion for driving her creative process. She believes that everything is about understanding your environment and more. Her work is deeply base on the struggle to comprehend. It is never really represent anything but a representation of itself. I believe that we must first think of what we want our work to say and then allow our work to present itself,
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Instagram: @lissa.karpeh

Instagram: @darlingtonarts

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for all you art culture lovers

Courtesy The Museum of Russian Art

Museum of Russian Art

(5500 Stevens Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612.821.9045)

photo by M.I.A

photo by: Darlington panton

Minneapolis Institute of Arts 

(2400 Third Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612.870.3000)


Walker Art Center

(1750 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis; 612.375.7600)


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